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If you want to set up your own creative agency, this is the place to be. Whatever your profession – designer, developer, marketer, video maker, copywriter – our course will help you to build a stellar small agency that will be a truly sustainable lifestyle business.

Podcast – How to brand your agency

It's a fact: businesses with a strong brand outperform their competitors. Agencies are no exception, yet many give little consideration to their brand. In this first episode of The KitchenTable Community podcast, branding guru Bill Wallsgrove talks to KTC founder about how small agencies...


A handy landing page formula for kitchen table agencies

Effective landing pages needn't be long or elaborate. In this article on The KitchenTable Community website the KTC's founder John Ashton describes the simple landing page formula that he developed for his own agency Write Arm.


Why kitchen table agencies are the future

The Coronavirus crisis will change the landscape of the creative industries in profound way's. Here's an article that The KitchenTable Community's founder John Ashton wrote for Medium about why kitchen table agencies will be in the ascendent.


Course instructor John Ashton interviewed for the Agencyphonics vodcast/podcast

I was interviewed today by agency gurus Spencer Gallagher and Pete Hoole of and Agencynomics for their Agencyphonics vodcast and podcast. You can watch the whole interview here on YouTube.


Before you start your kitchen table agency, answer these three questions

If you start your own KitchenTable agency your top priority will be to get clients. However, before you set about finding them, you should answer these three fundamental questions about your business: 1. What’s the mission? Mission statements are a must-have for any modern business, and a good...