How to quote – and get your quote accepted

How to quote (and get your quotes accepted)


The fine art of quoting

‘Quote me happy’

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Quoting. Anyone can quote – and you’ve already learnt about pricing in the last section – but not anyone can quote AND get their clients to accept the quote and enter the relationship certain they are getting a great deal.

Pricing is the science of positioning, but quoting is the art of positioning your pricing so your client feel they are gaining value rather than paying a price.

What's at the heart of a good quote?

At the heart of a good quote – and at the heart of any successful business process – is your customer.

It is impossible to build a business on the back of customers who have grudgingly accepted your quotes.

And there’s a good reason for this: no matter how much you wow them with your efficiency, output and communication, they are never going to feel 100% satisfied.

At the end of the job there will always be that sense that they paid too much rather than added value to their business.

That’s not a great way to secure repeat business or to gain those all-important word-of-mouth recommendations.

No matter how sweet the service it’s always hard to disguise a bitter taste in the mouth. 

How can you avoid the bitter taste?

In essence it’s simple.

Just like when you sell your service, when you quote you must answer objections before they arise. Built into your quote must be a clear understanding of what your customer needs and how your service provides this.

A quote is a pre-emptive strike that floors your customer into seeing value rather than cost.

It’s a magician’s trick that pulls the rabbit out the hat every time.

And, in flagrant violation of the rules of the Magic Circle, I’m about to show you how to perform this trick with every quote you make.

Cue the smoke, bring in the mirrors: welcome to the fine art of quoting.

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