A few golden prospecting nuggets for you

A few golden prospecting nuggets for you



Every business needs new customers: that’s a fact.

But getting them can be (ahem) not a pleasant prospect, especially if you consider yourself congenitally incapable of selling yourself.

A quick glance of some of the main ways of prospecting:

  • Cold calling is a pretty intrusive way to drum up business. And – as you’ll know if you’ve ever tried it – it’s a real long, hard march. Truth be told, for most it's a dispiriting slog. 
  • Inbound content marketing is perfect. Perfect, that is, if you have the luxury of both a marketing team to nurture leads and a sales team to close deals. (I'll show you a few tips for content market on a budget later.)
  • Networking and referrals really work a treat. (And I’m also going to share a few smart cuts to success through these later.)                                                                                                                    
  • Social prospecting – joining conversations on Twitter, Facebook, forums, LinkedIn and so on – can be a great version of virtual networking. (Guess what? I've got you covered for social prospecting later too.)

22-carat prospecting

Of all the forms of prospecting, the one that has worked best for me – in terms of both time required to set up, effort required to maintain and resulting clients at the end of it is…

[drum roll]

email marketing.

[cymbal crash] 

I know email marketing has got a bad rep thanks to spam emails, poorly thought through mass mail shots, deliverability issues caused by purchasing email lists that are out of date and so on.

Forget all that.

I’m going to show you how to create personalised emails, that are carefully targeted, highly persuasive and are likely to result in response rates of anything up to 10%.

(And anyone who has tried pounding the phones will tell you that is jaw-droppingly good.)

Pick your chin off the table because you're about to find out how to find your prospects and make sure you have their correct email addresses.

Without a bought email list in sight.

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